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We Don’t Say‘ That’s Not My Job’

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InnovaCare Health spotlights Orlando Family Physicians’ Buenaventura Office

How do you make sure your patients stay the healthiest they can—and earn some of the top scores for doing that across InnovaCare Health’s family of practices?

For Orlando Family Physicians’ Buenaventura Office in Osceola County, the answer is simple: It comes down to culture.

“Our team is like a family,” says Orlando Family Physicians Practice Administrator Lilibeth Santiago, who adds that it’s common to see doctors and nurses answering calls, for example. “We don’t say, ‘That’s not my job,’” she says. “Everyone here does what they can to attend to the patient.”

Add in a happy workplace that celebrates birthdays, milestones, and gender reveals; supports sick employees with chicken soup and even groceries; and uses field days, karaoke and laser tag for teambuilding. That translates into employees who stay—which builds an organized team that not only meets but tops goals and metrics for patient care.

Orlando Family Physicians’ Buenaventura Office opened in 2011, and its full bilingual staff includes:

  • Two full-time family medicine physicians
  • Two advanced registered nurse practitioners
  • Five medical assistants
  • A phlebotomist
  • A visiting cardiologist
  • A visiting nephrologist

Together, staff care for more than 25,000 patients annually, including seniors and other patients with diabetes, hypertension, cardiac and coronary artery disease, and chronic kidney disease.

Innovation is part of Orlando Family Physicians’ culture, too: It’s easy and efficient for patients to get medical tests onsite, including echocardiograms, ultrasounds, electrocardiograms, peripheral artery disease testing, and labwork, with results available in as little as 20 minutes. In addition, Orlando Family Physicians offers telehealth for patients conveniently over their smartphones, and the office has made it a common practice to share advice on healthy lifestyle recommendations at every visit.

And patients? They love it. According to recent surveys:

  • 79% of patients would recommend Orlando Family Physicians’ Buenaventura Office to family and friends
  • 80% say the overall service experience is excellent
  • 89% say office staff are courteous and respectful

Orlando Family Physicians’ Buenaventura Office also has another, unofficial name: the neighborhood’s community center. “Then there’s the social aspect,” Santiago says. “Many of our senior patients sometimes feel lonely so they come here, and our staff talk to them and encourage them. We’ve known most of our seniors so long that we all know their names.

Location & Contact

790 Buenaventura Blvd.

Kissimmee, FL 34743

Tel: (407) 344-9959

Fax: (407) 344-9971

Hours: Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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