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Integrated Approach

Partnering with the right stakeholders to build a 360-degree, coordinated model of care.

Innovative Tools

Using data and technology to improve patients’ quality of life and physicians’ peace of mind.

Optimized Structure

Establishing culture, leadership and governance as anchors for achieving every benchmark.

Learn more about the solutions we offer for Providers and Payers.

As the healthcare industry and its payment models transform, every organization must evolve –  especially those dealing with complex, highly dual-eligible patient populations.

Care providers must optimize physicians’ abilities to deliver quality care at an affordable cost. And payers must engage physicians to anticipate members’ needs with efficiency and excellence.

When value-based care is done right, everyone wins.

Our integrated solutions help improve patient care, support physicians’ resources and build a sustainable business model to relieve the growing financial pressure facing healthcare institutions.


CMS quality stars for our MA plans with approximately 50 percent dual-eligible members


lives managed through government programs


million in annual claims processed

We believe that integrating every piece of the healthcare ecosystem creates healthier, stronger communities. Here’s how we build a smarter way forward for value-based care:

  • Understand the ecosystem.

    We take the time to become experts on each unique community and patient population we serve. There are no surprises.

  • Implement our model.

    We collaborate with key stakeholders to institute the contracts, measurements and incentives to meet quality, volume and financial goals.

  • Deliver and measure.

    We track our work to show results. We constantly monitor and evolve our solutions to discover and leverage new opportunities to provide smarter value-based care.