| May 21, 2024

Marie “Kat” Alvarez

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In her role as Chief Strategy Officer at InnovaCare Health, Marie “Kat” Alvarez has been instrumental in creating strategic partnerships that enhance organizational value and expand service offerings. Her deep understanding of the regulatory landscape, coupled with her ability to anticipate market trends, allows her to craft opportunities that are both innovative and sustainable, ultimately improving patient care and operational efficiency.  Kat has a remarkable talent for bringing diverse stakeholders together to form successful partnerships. Her extensive experience in the healthcare sector is marked by her ability to align the interests of providers, payers, investors, and community partners, fostering collaborative environments that drive mutually beneficial outcomes. Kat’s overarching mission is to drive better health outcomes and create efficiencies within the healthcare industry.

Immediately preceding  InnovaCare Health for the last several years, Kat served as CEO of Katalyst Health.  Kat advised value-based providers, family offices and private equity firms, facilitating complex transactions that optimized portfolio performance and accelerated growth. Her strategic insights and negotiation skills were pivotal in structuring deals that aligned with both investor objectives and healthcare delivery goals.

 As Chief Operating Officer at Cano Health and IMC Health, Kat successfully managed large-scale operations across multiple geographies, overseeing the integration of comprehensive primary care, dental, and wellness services. Her leadership in these roles involved negotiating and securing agreements with multiple health plans, ensuring seamless collaboration and high-quality care for one hundred thousand plus lives under management, thereby driving significant improvements in health outcomes and operational efficiencies- creating a scaled blueprint for growth.

 At CHP of Florida, Kat led national growth initiatives focused on health plan and provider-based risk arrangements, particularly in emerging markets. Her ability to forge strategic partnerships and drive growth was evident in the successful expansion of CHP’s operational footprint, contributing to better health outcomes and more efficient service delivery.

 One of Kat’s most notable achievements was her role in the acquisition of WellMed Medical Management by Optum. As Vice President of Florida MSO Operations, she managed full-risk memberships and played a crucial role in positioning WellMed for acquisition. This successful transaction set her on the path to working with other investor led groups, further demonstrating her capability to navigate complex deals and drive value creation, all in pursuit of better healthcare outcomes and increased efficiency.

 Throughout her career, Kat has demonstrated an exceptional ability to navigate complex regulatory environments, align disparate interests, and negotiate deals that drive innovation and value creation. Her unique blend of strategic acumen, healthcare expertise, and collaborative spirit continues to make her a distinguished leader in the industry, dedicated to improving health outcomes and creating efficiencies in healthcare.

Kat holds an MBA from the H. Wayne Huizenga school of Business at Nova Southeastern University and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Florida International University. Her post graduate studies include Lean Six Sigma with certification confirmed from Villanova University, and from Tulane University School of Law- Corporate Governance Certification. She is a Florida boarded RN.

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