Dr. Raúl F. Montalvo Orsini receives Ambassador Award from America’s Physician Groups - InnovaCare Health
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Dr. Raúl F. Montalvo Orsini receives Ambassador Award from America’s Physician Groups

InnovaCare Health subsidiary executive honored for his work post-Hurricane Maria

WASHINGTON D.C. – MSO of Puerto Rico President Dr. Raúl F. Montalvo-Orsini has been honored with the Ambassador Award from America’s Physician Groups (APG) due to his impactful work in Puerto Rico post-Hurricane Maria.

Dr. Montalvo received the award at APG’s 2019 Colloquium, titled Thriving in Tomorrow’s New Models and Downside Risk, in Washington, D.C.

The Ambassador Award was established by APG in 2014, and every year it is bestowed upon a member of APG that has made strides in proliferating coordinated care across the nation. It is awarded to only one member per year.

After Hurricane Maria, the healthcare needs of Puerto Rico were immense for the island’s 3.6 million residents. InnovaCare Health and its subsidiaries, such as MMM Healthcare and MSO of Puerto Rico, were instrumental in the island’s recovery.

Dr. Montalvo and his team at MSO of Puerto Rico were quick to action, and through their hard work and perseverance, they opened nine clinics across the country to provide needs ranging from patient care, refilling prescriptions, providing internet access and more.

“I am honored to receive this award and I am proud to be part of such a mission-driven organization like APG,” said Dr. Montalvo. “Their purpose directly aligns with the work we have been doing in Puerto Rico, and I am humbled by their recognition of our efforts.”

Founded in 1995, APG is a professional association for individuals who focus on reducing healthcare costs while improving the health of the country. According to their website, APG believes “patient-centered, coordinated, and accountable care offers the highest quality, most efficient delivery mechanism, and greatest value for patients.”

Members of APG come from over 300 medical groups, independent practice associations and integrated healthcare systems across the country. Dr. Montalvo currently serves as the co-chair of APG’s Southeast Region and is a member of its Executive Committee and Board of Directors.


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