MSO of Puerto Rico, MMM Healthcare increase physician compensation (Caribbean Business) - InnovaCare Health
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MSO of Puerto Rico, MMM Healthcare increase physician compensation (Caribbean Business)

SAN JUAN – Healthcare management provider MSO of Puerto Rico, and its insurance subsidiary, MMM Healthcare, announced Friday that physicians in its network would see an increase to their base compensation as of Oct. 1.

The raise, the company said, will reflect “payment by value instead of by volume of patients…thereby acknowledging the dedication and professionalism of physicians based on the care of their patients.”

MSO provides contracting services, claims processing, coordinated care, training and continuous education, facilitation of administrative processes, and information technology and finance support to medical groups throughout the island. Its MMM subsidiary is an HMO plan that offers a Medicare Advantage plan.

“After extensive discussions and dialogue with different medical organizations, together we have decided to set aside the differences and work on agreements that bind us together, collaboratively and with respect. We have worked on initiatives that promote the retention of medical talent such as the program dedicated to hiring recently graduated physicians, and the issue of payment of premiums,” explained MSO’s president, Dr. Raúl Montalvo. “The increase in compensation provides for adjustments in the major codes and greater volume for the Group of specialists, in tune with the new models and federal regulations, at the same time that reaffirms the importance of the role that doctors have in prevention and integrated coordinated care of patients affiliated to MMM.”

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