MMM facilitates $400,000 donation to Pediatric Hospital Foundation - InnovaCare Health
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MMM facilitates $400,000 donation to Pediatric Hospital Foundation

San Juan, Puerto Rico – Continuing company efforts to improve the well-being of Puerto Ricans, MMM Healthcare (MMM) facilitated a donation of $400,000 from the Gwendolyn and Joseph Straus Charitable Fund to the Pediatric Hospital Foundation.

This donation was made possible through the efforts of the parent company of MMM, Innovacare Health, and its relationship with the Gwendolyn and Joseph Straus Charitable Fund, allowing to directly request the financial assistance for the recovery of the Island.  The funds are designated for waterproofing the Pediatric Hospital, to protect the building during future weather events.

According to Dr. Richard Shinto, CEO of InnovaCare Health, the company and its employees “demonstrated our continued commitment to the well-being of Puerto Ricans.”  Shinto explained that an “interdisciplinary team of health experts, took to the streets to support health clinics, and provide medicine, food, water and emotional support; impacting the entire population, including the most vulnerable areas.”

Also, the parent company of MMM assumed the task of establishing communication with their international contacts in search of continued support for the recovery of the island, among which was the philanthropic entity Gwendolyn And Joseph Straus Charitable Fund. The fund raised more than $3,000,000 for MMM employees, relatives and communities in need.

For his part, Orlando González, MMM President, stressed the importance of solidarity and responsibility of private enterprise in the recovery of the country.  “At MMM, we are aware that health is not a game, no matter the age, and that’s why we assumed responsibility to help Puerto Rico recover. We visited communities, senior homes and hospitals. We offered medical services, distributed medicines and first necessity items. But most importantly, we shared people’s pain and worked hard to bring hope.”

Gonzalez explained that a healthy lifestyle must start from childhood, which explains the importance of the support extended to the Pediatric Hospital. “The Pediatric Hospital patients are our grandchildren, our friends, neighbors, family, and they are part of our community and their well-being is important for a healthy and prosperous future for Puerto Rico.  With the generous support of the Gwendolyn and Joseph Straus Charitable Fund, we have the opportunity to continue supporting the well-being of all Puerto Ricans,” he said.

The President of the Board of the Pediatric Hospital Foundation, Manuel Cidre, emphasized the importance of local companies like MMM Healthcare serving as facilitators.

“This donation is a reflection of what can be achieved when a private company assumes ownership of the community’s needs and decides to look for alternatives to support and help. MMM saw a need and used its professional relationship to help, creating a network of support that will benefit the hundreds of children receiving treatment every month in these facilities,” Cidre said.

During the donation ceremony, also present were nurse Joseph Villafaña and volunteer Diana Claudia, who received treatment at the Pediatric Hospital as children and were inspired by the institution’s staff. Members of the medical faculty of the Pediatric Hospital, patients and family members, as well as representatives of the ‘Super grandson’ program, also participated of the ceremony.