For Providers - InnovaCare Health
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Solutions for Providers

Confidently claim your organization’s stake in the future of healthcare delivery.

We believe physicians should lead the delivery of healthcare. That’s why we partner intimately with hospitals, physician groups and other providers to help optimize patients’ access to affordable, high-quality services.

We have always been committed to helping providers deliver excellent, value-based outcomes, and our unique approach supports physician partners through:

Physician-led business model.

We structure our business so physicians have a voice in every conversation.

To ensure the physician leadership that is so crucial to organizational success, we work with our partners to create physician-led advisory boards, organize regular meetings and training sessions with administrators and medical directors, and support ongoing education for our contracted providers and program residents.

Leading-edge technology.

Today, nearly 90 percent of our partner physicians are connected to our proprietary health information exchange, InnovaMD, which is just one of the many digital platforms we use to support caregivers.

Our doctors can track and report metrics, engage with their staffs and patients, and share secure information via our market-leading portal technology. Currently, 90 percent of our physicians refer patients electronically and 84 percent use electronic pre-authorizations – both of which save valuable time for both doctors and patients.

Outcomes-driven care.

Our physicians deserve the support and resources they need to achieve our shared goal of delivering the best care possible.

We structure our contracts to reward practices that support physicians and best benefit their patients. For example, practices that participated in our custom-built Office Advantage plan last year improved their CMS quality rating by an average of 23 percent. We are constantly evaluating our operations to ensure physicians are recognized for the excellent care they provide.

InnovaCare Health is committed to being a true partner with providers, helping to ensure they are positioned for success within an increasingly complex and highly regulated healthcare environment. Our unmatched expertise and physician-focused approach makes InnovaCare the right choice for organizations seeking to manage patient populations through a value-based model.