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Solutions for Payers

Seize every opportunity value-based care offer.

Through our experience offering some of the nation’s leading government plans, our team has an intimate and 360-degree view of the environment today’s payers face. We know tomorrow’s successful payer organizations are investing in value-based strategies today. Fortunately, our model has focused on rewarding value for more than a decade.

We’ve achieved success with our health plan partners through a commitment to the following:


Our physician partners share the same goal as our payers – to provide comprehensive, high-quality care to keep patients healthy and out of the hospital.

For more than ten years, InnovaCare has worked with providers to incentivize outcomes rather than volume. We have consistently shifted contracts to risk-based and capitated models, incentivizing quality care for a wide range of providers, including both primary care physicians and specialists.


We understand that today’s leading providers extend well beyond a hospital or clinic. With that in mind, we’ve developed cutting-edge technology and programs to reach members in their communities.

To better manage our members’ health, we’ve built proprietary digital platforms to collect and share data across our network. For example, our technology enables payers to flag high-risk patients and ensure they receive interventional treatment before an acute event happens. We also proactively engage members through mobile clinics and consumer-facing health services sites, often located in convenient retail centers.


With more than ten years of experience managing more than 250,000 dual-eligible members, we have learned that some of the most innovative healthcare solutions come from working with complex patient populations.

Our market-leading health plans, rated 4.5 stars by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, achieved quality goals such as reducing patients’ total bed days by 10 percent, and cutting medical costs per-member, per-month by 13 percent. Our holistic approach allows us to scale best practices, quickly, across our entire physician network.

With our unique expertise and physician-focused approach, we can help payers optimize risk in even the most challenging markets.