Solutions - InnovaCare Health
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At InnovaCare Health, we work with health systems, physician practices, payers and others to build and maintain operating models that are sustainable, cost-effective and fully integrated with today’s technologies. Our multidisciplinary approach ensures partners achieve the high levels of quality, cost and utilization today’s market demands:

Integrated Approach

Today’s successful healthcare organizations must invest in strategies that keep people well – not only heal them when they are sick. Our integrated approach is designed to care for whole populations and create healthier, stronger communities. 

We specialize in improving the health of populations that have traditionally proven uniquely challenging for healthcare organizations – specifically, those with high rates of dual-eligible beneficiaries. The patient-provider relationship is fundamental to the sustainable delivery of excellent care. That’s why our proven models ensure the highest level of collaboration and communication within contracted provider communities.

Innovative Tools

Skilled data analytics are the future of healthcare. They’ve been a cornerstone of our approach for two decades.

InnovaCare Health provides comprehensive financial, quality and utilization information to measure, monitor and guide physician partnerships in any market. These measures offer enormous clinical and financial advantages to help providers and payers identify and capture areas for increased value and efficiency.

We believe connectivity and communication are vital to effectively managing population health. Over the years, we have fine-tuned our proprietary products and systems to create digital pathways for stakeholders to effectively coordinate care across all touch points.

Optimized Structure

Success in today’s healthcare environment requires strength in culture, leadership and governance. That’s the InnovaCare Health way.

We empower physicians to provide excellent care. In each diverse market, we partner intimately with leaders to build a structure that is optimized for success within this difficult and highly regulated environment. Throughout our decades of experience, we have identified innovative best practices that create engaged and compliant medical staffs, productive workforces, and healthy, committed patient populations.