MMM and PMC bet on technology for greater coordination of service

San Juan, Puerto Rico – Medicare y Mucho Más (MMM) and PMC Medicare Choice (PMC) have reinforced their strategies focused on technology to encourage a greater coordination of the service the patient receives. The Provider Network that offers services to their members offers the electronic portal, InnovaMD through which the patient’s medical history can be accessed and they can transmit health information. Also, members can get their updated medical information through their smartphones, computers or tablets, with the app Health on Touch (HOT).

“We already have over 6,800 providers from our Network connected to and at the moment, more than 450 laboratories are connected through our platform. The exchange of results and clinical information between a patient’s doctors, hospitals, urgency centers, and labs have great benefits: convenience, speed, quality and better coordination of services. That is what we are looking for,” said Dr. Diego Rosso, Chief Medical Officer of MMM and PMC.

“The traditional methods can result in the treatment cycle taking longer. For example, right now if a patient goes to the laboratory and in a few days has to go back for the results and take them to their doctor’s office. The technology we have allows those results to go straight to the medical office electronically and the patient does not have to go back to the lab to pick them up. This shortens the traditional cycle and ensures that the treatment needed is quicker and more precise. Also, different physicians that see this patient have access to his medical history, results, diagnostics, and we achieve the coordinated care that for decades has been a challenge in the health industry,” added Dr. Raúl F. Montalvo, President of MSO of Puerto Rico, LLC (MSO).

During the past years, in the United States as well as in Puerto Rico, connectivity and electronic health records have been highly promoted in the health industry. In tune with local and federal regulations for better coordination of service it is imperative that health care providers learn about the advantages of connectivity and make use of the health information exchange platforms that are available. “Connectivity is vital for a coordinated quality health care. We exhort all our providers to be part of our technological platform and ensure the patient’s wellness,” stated Dr. Diego Rosso, Chief Medical Officer of MMM and PMC.

For more information about connectivity, providers can call 1-866-676-6060 (free of charge), Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

MSO of Puerto Rico, LLC (MSO), company that administers the MMM and PMC provider’s network, in 2010 created the first health information exchange platform in Puerto Rico (HIE HUB). Since then, 98% of their providers have registered to InnovaMD and have Access to updated health information of the services their patients receive for a greater coordinated care.