About Us - InnovaCare Health
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About Us

InnovaCare Health combines innovation and quality care to create progressive, value-based models for even the most complex patient populations.

Unmatched expertise. Proven results. Industry-leading best practices. That’s what sets us apart.

Our leadership team – with more than 120 years of combined experience in managed care and care delivery – consists of preeminent experts with the proven expertise to help healthcare organizations effectively meet and surpass the growing demands of our industry. By leveraging the collective administrative and operational expertise of our team, our partners can be confident that their value-based model is capturing every opportunity for improved quality, engagement and margins.

We believe in smarter healthcare, provided by engaged physicians. With each diverse market our team has entered, we have added to a track record of successfully helping partners smartly evolve their business and care delivery into more efficient, population-focused models.

Our History

Corporate Structure

The foundation for InnovaCare Health was laid by President and CEO Richard Shinto, M.D., in 1998, when he joined North American Medical Management (NAMM) in California. As a practicing physician, Dr. Shinto recognized the unmet need for operational expertise among physician groups and payers in a changing market, and he worked with NAMM to help healthcare organizations provide quality care more efficiently.

Over the next 10 years, the company would continue to grow, acquiring MMM Healthcare in Puerto Rico while expanding its footprint across the United States through health plans, managed care opportunities and physician networks.

In December 2012, the management team successfully sold select properties of NAMM and officially formed InnovaCare Health to operate the remaining subsidiaries, including MMM. The company has continued to grow since that time, entering the Medicaid market and increasing revenues significantly.